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  My name is Zbynek H. Jablonecky, born in 1976 in Czechoslovakia.

Painting is fully devoted since 1999, thanks to the admiration of painters Vincent van Gogh, Edgar Degas and Claude Monet.
I am self-taught, in the beginning I only consulted my paintings with academic painter Josef Jira (1929-2005) and Vladimir Komarek (1928-2002). For their valuable advice I am still very grateful! Since 2003 most like to paint pastel. 
The first show I was in Prague in 2000. 
Second show I was in Austria in Czech cultural center (Vienna) in 2001. 
In 2002, I was on several month study tour of Israel, which I finished in two shows in May and June in Metulla - North Israel. 
In 2005 I had a major exhibition of works from 2000 - 2005. More than three hundred paintings were suddenly exposed in two galleries and a church in Bílina in the Czech Republic. 
Since 2006 I have focused primarily on custom painting and airbrush as an external co-worker tuning workshop. 
In 2010, I decided to donate again only free painting. Since that time I mostly plein air painting, but also love to paint in my studio. Today again outweighs my penchant for pastel painting. 
I am a member of the PGE - Pastel Guild of Europe.
My paintings have been sold to private collections in Europe, Israel, USA, Canada and Japan.